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At Hempel, we know that high-quality coatings and a superior service make the difference for railcar owners and transporters. And with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we can offer the right product for any railcar.

Hempel has been a key supplier to the railcar industry in North America since 1980, and we supply most of the major railcar builders on the continent. Our secret to success is simple: give customers high quality products that protect for many years, and exceptional technical service and advice.
Railcar require different coating specifications depending on the commodity they will be transporting, so we’ve developed several linings that all comply with health and environment regulations.
A BPA-free coating for dry or liquid foods
Developed in response to the increasing health concerns over exposure to bisphenol A compounds (BPAs), Hempadur BPA Free 37301 is a new epoxy lining for railcar interiors. Ideal for bulk products, dry or liquid foods and plastic pellets for manufacturing food-contact materials, it gives a slick surface for easy upload - and complies with FDA regulations, as well as HAP and VOC requirements.
A high-solids product for hopper car linings
A hopper car lining with a high-build and high solids profile, Hempadur FX4 37300 was specially designed to comply with North American (FDA) food regulations, as well as HAP and VOC requirements. This epoxy paint gives you short re-coating intervals and excellent inter-coat adhesion.
Tough protection for car exteriors
Hempadur Mastic 45833 is a strong epoxy for railcar exteriors. A two-component, polyamide adducts-cured, high-solids, high-build epoxy paint, it forms a hard and tough coating for long-lasting protection. It also has good wetting properties and a low curing temperature, making it excellent as an excellent exterior coating for maintenance operations.
World beating technical service
Our FROSIO/NACE certified coating advisors can work with your car shops in any project. As well as giving expert advice when choosing coatings, they can also supervise the coating application process to ensure everything is applied in the correct conditions and in the right way. 
One step ahead
At Hempel, we know that new regulations create new requirements for our customers. That’s why our R&D, Marketing, HSE, and Sales teams work together to ensure we keep abreast of new trends and market changes. This means we can provide you with the right coating solution - not only for today, but also for the future.


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